What is a JFP?

The Jorgensen Standard Issue Field Pipe is the result of a very long summer. I spent months working from sun up until sundown, everyday. It was extremely demanding both mentally and physically and like many others the happy smoke helped keep me centered and grounded. It helped enable me to keep functioning despite the hours and stress. I had a pipe that I cherished deeply and would smoke from it. But what happened was it kept becoming plugged and it required tools to take it apart. Eventually I lost one of those little screws somewhere in the field and that was a bummer. The pipe was a wonderful size and best of all it had a “feel” to it. But with the rigors of life at that time it became frustrating trying to clean it and not lose parts. After that summer I spent some time learning to use a drafting program that I had never heard of, bought a machine that I didn’t know how to use and I set out to make a field pipe.
It’s taken me months to learn to use everything and come up with this design but I finally did it.

The Jorgensen Standard Issue Field Pipe is the result of all that work. First and foremost I wanted to make something that functioned in a way that a person could take it to the field and enjoy it and then clean it with minimal effort and less chance of losing parts. Second I wanted to capture the “feeling”. As much as some of us rely on smoking to help keep us straight and functioning and to help battle stress and depression we just shove the good stuff into some plastic molded… whatever. Smoking becomes just like popping a pill, a mindless act to get results. I think of the process differently. I believe that the tools we use can greatly enhance our experience. I tried to create something that you could take with you and that is yours. Something special and set apart. I want to make you a pipe that grows and goes with you on life’s adventures. Something that’s a bit of a talisman and that collects scars and remembers the stories of where you’ve been. I have special tools that I very much enjoy to use, everything from a bushcraft knife to a cast iron pan. These tools bring joy to otherwise mundane work. I can cook eggs in any old pan. But I love my cast iron. It makes me happy. I set out to make a pipe that people will enjoy to use.

I added in some handy features too not only make it something original but something functional. The Standard Issue is small and fits in your pocket well. It closes on itself to lock in the bowl until you’re ready to smoke. Rare earth magnets hold it all together and it disassembles for easy cleaning. Plus rare earth magnets can increase blood flow and if you keep one in your pocket next to your junk… The Standard Issue is also set up to run two screens to help minimize the amount of slag getting through.